Improve your SEO? Improve your Dwell Time!

14 January 2016,   By

Heres a great tip to keep in mind that can really improve your SEO efforts…

Improve your page Dwell time rates.
What is Dwell time you ask?
Put simply it’s how long a Google Search engine visitor stays on your webpage.

If a Search Engine Searcher spends a longer time reading or viewing your web page, Google in particular says to itself… “People searching for this search term love this result, lets show it more often to other people”… and you improve your SEO rankings.

The question is…
How can I improve my website page Dwell time and get higher Google rankings?
The answer is… lots of ways…

But putting that really helpful answer aside… here are two great quick tips that you can start implementing today on your website.

Break up your page content into readable sections

Make your webpage content easy to read and really sticky.
But How?
Break it up into small chucks of text and use headings.

Nothing puts a webpage reader off more than solid wide walls of text to decipher. Instead when you break your content up into smaller chunks of readable text it makes it far easier to scan and digest. They will stick around on your page for longer..
Thats assuming you have good quality content.

Newspapers and magazines do it so well, and you can easily on your webpage.
Here is an example. It’s basic but hope you get the approach…

Improve your SEO, Improve Dwell Time

The top example, not so good.. The lower boxes easier to read and digest the content

Improve the quality of your content, improve the layout of it… improve your page dwell time.

Get your Content above the Fold!

The essence of webpages originally were to provide information to those looking for it.
Along the way we have expected more eye catching designs and features and to the point where “graphic design” can really spoil your lead generation.

What does “Get Content above the fold mean?”
Imagine that you have just googled “omega seamaster watch”
And the third result looks interesting so you click on it.

But when the page loads you see a massive fullscreen image and heavy banner adverts.

At this point you have TWO OPTIONS:
1) Scroll down and try to find the content you were searching for
2) Hit the Back Button and head to one of the many other results

If you are like most people, you will go with option 2.
You may have even tried option 1 and when you finally got to the content it wasn’t great so back you go anyhow.

The Bottom Line

To start engaging your readers quickly, you need to ensure your Content starts towards the top, without any page scroll.
This super important tip just given to you, could be a defining element to bring change to the way we design websites.

Because for most of us we need our websites to generate phone or email enquiries for our businesses.
And assuming you provide good products or services, and great content on your page, then getting ranked higher in Google will result in more of these.

And if Google are factoring in such importance as Dwell Times on web pages, creating an effective design is not just about looking good.
Its about designing an online tool that works for your business.

So keep the content above the fold, organise the layout effectively and your a great step closer to improve your SEO and getting higher rankings!

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