Espen Fadnes

Espen Fadnes

Espen Fadnes

Espen Fadnes is an multi-sport extreme athlete, traveling the world chasing adrenalin filled projects including wingsuit flying, freeride skiing and basejumping.

When we first saw Espen Fadnes hurtling himself of cliffs and flying like a bird we were really excited to work with him as his existing website was a simple approach that did not capabilities on sharing his life and promoting him as a brand.

What we did

Espen’s website project happened quick! The site effectively had a 5 day turnaround and during this period Espen was traveling through Norway, France, South Africa and Antarctica.

WordPress CMS was a perfect fit for this project, allowing us quick deployment and Espen easy editing features. Key features include:

  • Video and Gallery Features
  • Responsive Website Design
  • Social Media Interactions
  • Easy to use Web CMS
Espen Fadnes
Espen Fadnes

Espen’s website contains some wonderful features and we have created a tool that provided his audience with an easy location to follow his updates and integrate his numerous Social Media content. Social Media integration was vital and heavily used throughout the website, as is video and image content.

Amongst the video and media features, the website promotes his sponsors and makes it easy for those interested to contact him which at the end of the day was the key purpose for this web marketing platform.

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